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Author Biographies 


Lem Saputo, MDLen Saputo, MD, a 1965 graduate of Duke University Medical School, is board certified in internal medicine and was in private practice in affiliation with John Muir Medical Center in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years. After his awakening to the deep flaws in conventional medicine which culminated in the early 1990s, Saputo began a quest to develop a new approach to healing now known as integral-health medicine—the emergent medical care model that is integrative, holistic, person-centered, and preventive.

In order to further this mission, Dr. Saputo founded the Health Medicine Forum in 1994 and was its director until 2008. The Forum (healthmedicineforum.org) is a nonprofit educational foundation that has sponsored hundreds of public and professional events in the San Francisco Bay Area—including monthly presentations, workshops, and conferences—focused on integrative medicine, the nature of healing, and the politics of health care. In 2001, Saputo cofounded what is now called the Health Medicine Center, in Walnut Creek, California—one of the first clinics to bring the new model of integral-health medicine into practice. In the course of disseminating his unique vision for the new medicine, Saputo has given more than 100 presentations to hospitals, medical schools, universities, and community organizations.

Dr. Saputo is the coauthor of Boosting Immunity: Creating Wellness Naturally (New World Library, 2002); has edited six books, including Beating the Years and Boosting Your Digestive Health; and has authored book chapters on numerous medical and health subjects. He has contributed dozens of articles on a wide range of topics in both mainstream and complementary and alternative medicine to such journals as California Pharmacist, Alternative Medicine, and Townsend Letter. He is also actively engaged in clinical research related to the use of near-infrared light therapy in pain management.

Active in public and professional education over the past decade, Dr. Saputo produces and hosts the Prescriptions for Health show on KEST-AM, aired in the San Francisco Bay Area every weekday morning, with his wife, Vicki, who is a registered nurse. Saputo has been a strong advocate of fitness and athletics all of his life. In 1996 and again in 2001, he won the International Tennis Federation’s Senior World Individual Championship in his age group and was ranked number one in the world in 1996 (in the 55-year-old division) by the ITF. With never-ending support from his wife, Saputo is committed to his life’s purpose of changing the health care system in America from a disease care model to a genuine health care model based on the principles of the new medicine, as well as broad-ranging reform of the manner in which care is financed and delivered.



Byron BelitsosByron Belitsos is an award-winning book publisher and a highly experienced journalist, editor, author, activist, and businessman. He has edited and published a number of acclaimed books on health, consciousness, spirituality, and politics, including Faith and the Placebo Effect by Lolette Kuby, Mind Science by Charles Tart, The Unfolding Self by Ralph Metzner, Waking Up in Time by Peter Russell, The Terror Conspiracy by Jim Marrs, and the classic self-help book, The Center Within.

Belitsos is also the principal author of the acclaimed book One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law (Origin Press: 2005) and he wrote, directed, and produced the companion film, Toward a Well-Governed World. In 2009 he published A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine, of which he is coauthor. And he is now working on his next book, Radical Wisdom: A Guide to the Post-modern Apocalypse, due out in 2010. Belitsos has recently published articles in Shift, Roll Call, and various websites, including 911truth.org.

Belitsos has taught English and humanities at the college level. In 1983 he launched his career as a writer as a business journalist in Silicon Valley, authoring over fifty stories and features, and coauthoring Business Telematics (Dow Jones-Irwin: 1986); he also cofounded a highly successful computer-services company that was sold to a Fortune 200 company in 1994, and has helped launched several other enterprises, including a gold mining operation.

Belitsos earned a B.A. (Honors) from the University of Chicago in intellectual history in 1977. He has done graduate work in the history at the University of California (Santa Cruz and Berkeley campuses), and at the California Institute of Integral Studies, developing expertise in history, philosophy, psychology, politics, and religious studies. He also studied poetics with American poet Allen Ginsberg at Naropa Institute. Belitsos was an inaugural member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a founding board member of 911truth.org, and a board member of the Democratic World Federalists. He founded Origin Press in 1996, and is today its CEO and Publisher. He resides in Fairfax, California.

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